Yale CPA Pneumatic Chain Hoist

Capacity 2,000 kg – 10,000 kg
With 100 % duty rating and an unlimited number of starts the model CPA is suitable for heavy duty applications. It is insusceptible to contamination, humidity and aggressive mediums from the outside. The hoists are composed of three main components which makes service easy and inexpensive.



  • Designed for operating pressures of 4 to 6 bar.
  • Robust rotating piston motor has an adjustable spring pressure brake that holds the load secure even in the event of an air failure.
  • The standard, oil bath lubricated planetary gearbox is particularly smooth running and enables a low overall height.
  • High starting torque due to switching valves in the motor body.
  • Low noise emission due to large dimension silencer.
  • Sensitive control by means of 2 resp. 4 button pendant control with emergency-stop.
  • Up to 3000 kg only one chain fall, leading to a low overall height.


  • Stainless steel load chain (no reduction of working load limit).
  • Suspension hook
  • Flexible chain container.
  • Other operating voltages.
  • Counter for operating hours and number of starts.
  • Radio remote control.
  • Control for synchronized operation of several hoists.
  • Manual and electric trolleys.
  • Connection to festooned cable systems.

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