Adjustable girder trolley

The girder trolley is a sliding chassis for attaching to lifting gear for use inside a crane. They allow the operator to effortlessly and accurately move and position suspended loads in either direction. Depending on capacity, trolleys can fit beams from 76 mm to 188 mm with capacities from 500 kgs to 20,000 kgs

  • easily adjustable for different flange widthspush trolley
  • suitable for all manual and electric hoists
  • suitable for curved monorail beams with minimum 1 metre radius
  • larger sizes available on request
  • also available in Eex proof
  • available in geared trolley (chain powered) and motor powered trolley


  • Steel construction with chrome finish
  • Reinforced housing cover protects the mechanism
  • Ideal for construction, maintenance, service…
  • 360° handle rotation and rubber grip
  • High strength, grade 80 alloy steel load chain with galvanized finish for corrosion resistance
  • ISO hooks equipped with hook latches
  • Totally enclosed dual ratchet brake with two friction discs