Industrial Cranes

Overhead gantries

The Electric Overhead Gantry Crane is the most widely used factory crane in the world, especially for manufacturing and maintenance. They provide close to 100% coverage of factory floors and work well in conjunction with production lines. Gantry cranes can be installed during the construction process or also into an existing structure by a number of methods.

Working with our German partners, SWF Krantechnik, we supply cranes with high-quality components which are tested to the highest standards of German and European engineering.

Cranes supplied by Irish Crane & Lifting are fabricated in our Killarney workshop and fitted with SWF crane components, they are then transported, erected and fully tested and certified on-site to exacting standards.

Crane Features

  • Capacities up to 80 Tonne
  • Single & Double Girder Cranes
  • Top & Bottom running beams
  • Wire rope & chain hoists
  • State-of-the-art inverter technology for trolleys and cranes
  • IP55 protection and insulation class F as standard
  • Minimum headroom
  • Minimum load sway

Overhead gantry crane services include

  • Design, build and install of new SWF overhead crane
  • Inspection, repairs and certification
  • Spare parts
  • Full overhaul service
  • Dismantle, transport and re-erect for factory relocations

Overhead gantry crane inspection

  • Full motion checks to examine the functionality of hoist, trolley and long travel including a full check of safety measures such as limit switches and emergency stop buttons.
  • Inspection of wire rope/chain on hoist unit for kinks and damage.
  • Examination of power feeding lines for damage to eliminate any risk of electric shock or arcing.
  • Full check of runway beams for free travel and damage.
  • Open brakes to ensure discs are intact and settings are correct.
  • Inspect hoist and drums for any wear or noise to avoid any issues in the future.
  • These and all other checks are recorded on a checklist which can be left on-site for future inspection and crane details are recorded on our online certification system, sitecert.


Any repairs or spare parts required are recorded and quoted for prior to being carried out and new certificate issued after completion

Jib Cranes

jib craneA widely used crane for maximising the efficiency of factory workstations. Jib cranes can be free-standing and wall-mounted. They use low profile jibs to allow for higher load dynamics and have a high range of capacities. Jib crane components are supplied by SWF Krantechnik and assembled at Irish Crane and Lifting prior to delivery to ensure functionality. These cranes can be fully manual or fully electric with an electric hoist, trolley and slew. Customers can request the supply of kits only which are supplied with assembly instructions, so the customer can manufacture the crane themselves if they have the capabilities.

JIB Crane Products

  • Column mounted jib cranes
  • Wall mounted jib cranes
  • Built to meet customer requirements
  • 90o to 360o slewing range
  • Options for manual or electric hoist, trolley and slew
  • Base plate or foundation mounted jib cranes
  • Power feeding systems
  • Pendants and remote controls

JIB Crane Services

  • Design, build and install of new SWF Jibster crane
  • Inspection, repairs and certification
  • Spare parts
  • Full overhaul service
  • Dismantle, transport and re-erect for factory relocation

Electric Chain Hoist

Electric Chain HoistThe Athlo Electric Chain Hoist is the newest version of Irish Crane & Lifting’s number 1 selling hoist in the range of products from our crane component supplier, SWF Krantechnik. Based in Germany and a large member of the Kone Cranes group, SWF provide top quality engineered hoists at a great price. The Athlo chain hoist replaces the Chainster series.

Technical details

  • Capacities up to 5,000 Kgs
  • 2 Lifting Speeds
  • 2-step emergency limit switch
  • Up to IP65 protection
  • Insulation class F motor
  • 48 V Contactor control
  • Mechanical overload protection
  • IP66 controller pendent with plug adapter and Emergency Stop
  • Radio remote controller available as optional extra
  • 2-speed or variable speed drive operation MicroMove
  • Ambient temperature -20° to +40° C
  • Available in 3-phase and single-phase(only single speed)

SWF, Athlo Chain Hoist

The ATHLO chain series is our next generation of electric chain hoists for loads up to 5 t. At the launch of the new series, we are offering this model for loads up to 1,000 kg with further options to follow in the months to come.

High security, performance and usability along with easy maintenance and a long service life were all important factors driving its development. The modern design features a newly constructed interior with all-new mechanical components. ATHLO chain can be used in environments with temperatures ranging from -20 to +50 degrees Celsius.

Wire Rope Hoists

Wire Rope Hoists

The NOVA wire rope hoist is produced by SWF Krantechnik and is the hoist of choice for our overhead cranes. More expensive than Chain Hoists they are used when either heavier lifting capacity, faster hoisting speeds or higher durability is required. NOVA solutions are of particular interest to operators that need short approach dimensions and low headrooms. Please see key techncal data below and downloadable PDFs with dimensions etc below.

This image shows the compact NOVA L single-girder trolley which offers optimal installation and approach dimensions and easily accessible electrical and wearing parts.

The electric wire rope hoist has a modular design without any welded parts. Amongst other advantages, it ensures optimal motor cooling even at extremely high power.

Key technical data

  • Capacities up to 80,000 Kg
  • Lifting motors up to 56 kW with two speeds (6/1) or HoistMaster2 frequency inverters
  • 4-step geared limit switch
  • Overload protection
  • Overheating protection for the lifting motors
  • Trolley drives with MicroMove frequency inverter control
  • Electronic hoist monitoring system NovaMaster as option
  • IP55 protection for motors and electrical cubicle
  • Motor insulation class F
  • Load hook with hook safety latch

Radio remote control systems

Telecrane Limited is an International ISO9001 certified company manufacturing industrial radio remote controls for more than 30 years.
The Company operates in the global market distributing and installing its remote controls in more than 60 countries in the world.

Telecrane is a successful top brand recognized for quality and volume in the world of remote control manufacturers.

Crane power feeding

Crane Power Feeding

Enclosed conductor

  • Fully enclosed and insulatedCommonly in power supply for long travel of overhead gantry cranes
  • Maximum conductance due to full contact of brushes
  • Individual sections can be replaced if damaged
  • Fully extendable without requirement for replacement

Galvanised festoon

  • Economical power feeding for hoists, jib cranes, overhead cranes etc.
  • Galvanised c-rail and trolleys
  • Large choice of cables available
  • Individual parts such as cables and brackets available for purchase

Also available

  • Wire rope festoon systems
  • Unguarded conductor systems
  • Electric cable and cable glands
  • Cable Reels
  • Pendants & Remote Controls
  • Spare parts

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