Jib cranes

A widely used crane for maximising effiency of factory workstations. Jib cranes can be free standing and wall mounted. They use low profile jibs to allow for higher load dynamics and have a high range of capacities. Jib crane components are supplied by SWF Krantechnik and assembled at Irish Crane and Lifting prior to delivery to ensure functionality. These cranes can be fully manual or fully electric with electric hoist, trolley and slew. Customers can request supply of kits only which are supplied with assembly instructions, so the customer can manufacture the crane themselves if they have the capabilities.


  • Column mounted jib cranes
  • Wall mounted jib cranes
  • Built to meet customer requirements
  • 90o to 360o slewing range
  • Options for manual or electric hoist, trolley and slew
  • Base plate or foundation mounted jib cranes
  • Power feeding systems
  • Pendants and remote controls


  • Design, build and install of new SWF Jibster crane
  • Inspection, repairs and certification
  • Spare parts
  • Full overhaul service
  • Dismantle, transport and re-erect for factory relocation