Test & Certification

Test & Certification

Due to our experience of over 30 years we have amassed vast knowledge of cranes and lifting equipment and provide a full testing & certification service to anywhere in the 32 counties of Ireland.
We provide full GA1 and LOLER examinations with all certificates available through our online hub using Sitecert (further info below).
We certify factory cranes, truck cranes, hoists, lifting beams, teleporters, excavators, wire ropes, chains, clamps etc.

Don’t let this happen to your equipment. Contact us with any questions or for a quotation.

When you contract Irish Crane & Lifting to carry out your on sight test & certification, you have to option to utilise all the benefits that the Sitecert system has to offer. All equipment is recorded in handheld computers and this completely eliminates the need for paperwork. Sitecert benefits include

  • GA1 certificates generated on site automatically by testers
  • All certifcates held on line and can be viewed or downloaded with out the need to print
  • Full register of cranes and lifting equipment (see sample)
  • Equipment can be grouped by location, item group, manufacturer etc.

For more information see Sitecert website.