Raimondi MRT223 topless tower crane

The MRT223 is one of the most successful cranes in the history of Raimondi in terms of the number of cranes sold and customer feedback

City Tower: 1.7 m (5.6 ft.) | HC5s Tower: 2.10 m (6.9 ft.) | HUH 62.7 m

Equipped with a 70-meter jib, the MRT223 is an easily-transported Raimondi flattop tower crane with a maximum capacity of 12 tonnes and a maximum tip load of 1.7 tonnes. The crane’s specifications include Eight different jib length configurations – ranging from 70 meters to 33 meters – paired with four different hoist winches available at different load capacities and powers ranging from 60hp (45kW) to 100hp (75kW).

Raimondi MRT223 topless tower crane Specification

Jib Radius
SWL Max Radius
SWL Min Radius
Total Power

70 Metres
1705 kg
10000 kg
65 kW

Max Hook Height
Hoist Gear
Slewing Gear
Trolley Travel Gear