Raimondi MRT234 topless tower crane

Raimondi Cranes has enjoyed considerable market interest for the MRT234 at pre-sell stage. The ideal customers for the MRT234 are medium to large construction companies, and heavy lifting fleet rental companies. Thanks to its performance and its flexibility in terms of jib and tower configurations, this crane can be advantageously employed on a wide variety of job sites.

One of the particular strengths of the MRT234 is the Raimondi flattop design, allowing it to be installed on crowded job sites that necessitate many cranes onsite operating simultaneously that require overfly. Based on Raimondi experience with previous models that showcase this overfly-friendly design, the company is certain the MRT234 will be welcomed in the European, Middle Eastern and Australian markets. Safe erection and safe maintenance was also a top priority for the MRT234 during conceptualization; Raimondi’s technical team wanted to elevate safety while enabling faster install times.

Raimondi MRT234 topless tower crane Specification

Jib Radius
SWL Max Radius
SWL Min Radius
Total Power

70 Metres
2265 kg
12000 kg
70 kW

Max Hook Height
Hoist Gear
Slewing Gear
Trolley Travel Gear

57.9 Metres
73.5 kW
4 kW
6.6 kW