WH L4 Compact Manual Lever Hoist (250-500kg)

William Hackett WH-L4 manual lever hoists have been specifically designed to meet modern industry demands. Compact and lightweight combined with strength and durability make the WH-L4 extremely robust and easy to handle.

WH-L4 manual lever hoist can be used for both lifting andpulling application away from the vertical without W.L.L. deration. Guidance for the use of WH-L4 lever hoists used at angles can be found in the ‘User Instruction Guide’ supplied with each hoist. Read the guidance notes thoroughly before using the WH-L4 hoists away from the vertical.

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The WH-L4 fully complies with and exceeds all the requirements of EN13157 and comes supplied with EN818-7 calibrated Grade 80 load chain. Each hoist is proof loaded to 1.5 times the Working Load Limit (W.L.L.) and has a guaranteed light load of 2% of the W.L.L. WH-L4 hoists can be used in a temperature range of -40°C to +200°C exceeding the European standard for low temperature use.Working Load Limit Range: 250 – 500kg Light Load Capability: the WH L4 compact lever hoist is tested and certified at 2% of the lever hoist rated capacity. Twin Pawl: double safety; fitted as standard. Safety Factor: 4:1. Safety Latches: the WH L4 compact lever hoist top and bottom hooks are fitted with heavy duty cast steel latches. The latch and hook tips are integrated creating a strong and robust hook closure Overload Indicator Marks: the WH L4 compact lever hoist top and bottom hooks have, as part of the hook forging, overload indicator marks either side of the hook throat. Load Chain: the WH L4 compact lever hoists are fitted with load chain that fully complies with international standard BS EN818-7. Grade T (8). Robust End Stop: Ergonomically designed load chain end stop allows the operative to secure a firm grip when using the end stop to adjust the chain. Compact Lever Hoists: supplied with a hard-wearing belt bag carry case. Temperature Range: -10°C to + 50°C Proof Tested: every hoist is proof tested to 1.5 times the Working Load Limit. Manufactured in the UK

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